Swimming in Curves

Swimming in Curves



Summer is here, And it’s been hot!

The best to enjoy the summer sun is to stay hydrated both inside and out. Whether your on a clear water beach or poolside with the homies, fabulous swimwear is a must! I’ll admit as a curvy woman, for many years it was a struggle to find swimwear to match personal style. I hated walking into stores only to see these 1 piece bathing suits, with hideous prints that looked like they came out of the Woolworths fabric aisles from 1987. It was like whoever designed them, did so with malice and left over fabric, so women with curves would have a spandex blanket to wear to the beach. I’m so happy to say, that times have changed! So much so that I had to narrow down my list of favorite pieces. ‘Le Struggle’ is over ladies! Continue on to the next page to start Swimming in Curves

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