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Swimming in Curves


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Yeezy x Balmain


Sensory overload! The Yeezy x Balmain collaboration sent us straight into embellishment heaven. The crystals, pearls, beads, and lamb hair, are all ingredients for modern glamour.

Watch Model Angel Rutledge Make the Perfect Chipotle Burrito


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Reese Witherspoon Makes a Case for Matchy-Matchy Summer Accessorizing


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New Music: T.L.O.P – Kanye West

February 14, 2016
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After a few title changes, numerous rants, a couple of delays, a few added tracks, and an Fashion show album release party Kanye West's T.L.O.P has finally made it's debut on Valentines Day, at the end of his of his "Ultra Light Beam" Performance on SNL